Oh yes indeed!

Another idea The Good Man had first, but wasn’t fast enough to capitalize on:

Shoes from a vending machine

To be fair, The Good Man’s idea was more along the lines of “you know, you should buy a bunch of cheap flip flops and leave them in all our cars….”

This after me whining, *again*, about aching feet.

I remember “back in the day” when I could wear bangin’ shoes all day long and not have trouble. Ah the continued joy of becoming a cranky old fart (it’s only getting better!).

I *totally* think that these Rollasole people could do a flip flop version too!

**this post brought to you by the girl who totally wanted to wear her Fat Babies under her wedding dress…but got veto’d down by the skinny harpies at the place who made the gown. Feh!

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