This is so me

Do you ever have those moments in life where something happens that is just *so* quintessentially you? I mean, you can’t deny it, just has “that’s totally me” written ALL over it.

This happened last evening when I came home from work. I found two packages waiting for me. Items I’d ordered separately had managed to arrive on the same day.

And it was Karen-day a’go-go.

The first item opened was this:

It’s *fabulous*. A pretty pink CZ sparkler of a cocktail ring. I loooove cocktail style rings, the bigger, brassier and more obnoxious the better. Yes! I’ll wear the rings others will eschew as “too big.”

Plus! I got this one on a killer deal. I mean, an amazing sale at an already discounted site! This thing is full of fire and pizzazz and I totally have the outfit to wear it with this weekend.

Total girl-type “squee!” action when I opened this up and slipped it on and it winked at me and fit perfectly.

So satisfying.

Then, ready to move on, I opened the other package. And it was this:

That there’s my new Buck knife. Not the first Buck knife to come into my possession, only the latest. I bought one of this same model (in gray) for The Good Man a couple birthdays ago, and have been lusting for it since. Compact, fits into that 5th pocket you got in your jeans. Small but powerful blade. Love. It!

Plus, got it in rockin’ red! Oh yeah, baby!

And as I sat there, giddy, with my new pink ring in one hand and my new Buck knife in the other, my loving husband remarked, “That’s my girl!”

That’s just Karen being Karen.

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  • Elise

    Yeah, I love pretty girly things–and then I love muscle cars and really big guns.

    The first Xmas with Husband, he gave me a .357 revolver. I opened it at his parents' house and of course, started crying (because what Texas girl doesn't cry happy tears when her boyfriend gives her a handgun???). His father almost wet himself laughing.

  • Karen Fayeth

    A .357 is a *really* nice Xmas present!

    Glad you get it, I knew you would!

  • Elise

    Did you see their tiny CZ strawberry necklace?!? Eee!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Indeed!…the tiny frog one *kills* me. Oh yes….

  • Anonymous

    Yikes! A potential slasher with a pink pinky ring! Would not want to be the waiter who handed you the overcooked steak.

    Igor Stone

  • Anonymous

    Not *just* a .357

    The BIL snagged a deal on the entirely stainless Ruger!

    A piece of beauty!


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