It’s just….so wrong…..

Got to reading an article in the Albquerque Tribune today titled, “Even presidential candidates have their dream jobs”.

It’s an insightful bit about the current roster of candidates and their answers to some AP questions. Sort of a “get to know you better”.

But that’s not the problem.

The problem is that…as is well documented, our Governor, one Mr. Bill Richardson wanted to be a baseball player as a youth. This we know. And to illustrate that, the paper includes a file photo from 2003 of the Guv tossing out a first pitch at an Isotopes game. And when you click the photo it gets large. Real large. Large enough to see more detail than you need….

Click at your own risk: Be Disturbed

I have seen the furry belly of our Governor. I might never be the same……

It also bugs me that Hillary couldn’t give a succinct answer and that Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo smarmed it up and said President. But that’s another post for another day…..

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