In Lieu Of a Bonus

Yesterday, after a oh-so-very-long day at work, I did what busy worker bees have done for years…

I went home and whined to my spouse.

The Good Man was very considerate, listened to my tale of woe, made sure I had dinner and tucked me into bed with a “maybe tomorrow will be better.”

Well, he was right. Tomorrow, now known as today, has been *much* better.

The tipoff that today might be a bit different began when I saw a strange truck in the parking lot, located in one of the front spots.

So, you know, curious as I am, I made my over to the assigned area and got in line.

After about a half hour of waiting, I got to see what the hubbub was all about.

Yeah. They call that the Commissioner’s Trophy. You know, nothing much…they just hand it out to the team that wins the World Series**.

No big deal right? Just a hunk of metal.

Let me tell you this, I’ve been within inches of an Oscar, a Grammy and two Emmys.

They got nothing on this little beauty. NOTHING! The Commissioner’s Trophy glows and shimmers and giggles with glee.

Or maybe that was me giggling. Hard to know.

Anyhow, when I got to the front of the line, I handed my camera to a decidedly NON photographer so she could take a blurry and out of focus shot of me with the trophy.

Forgive me readers, this is a terrible photograph. But we were only allotted one and this is it.

Just know this…blurry though it may be, make no mistake, I’m very, very happy.

(why do my eyes look so funky? Gah! Couldn’t I look cute for just ONE minute, but noooo, geek girl looks geeked out)

My employer pays reasonable but not large salaries and rare bonuses. But this, this was TOTALLY worth that long, mean, very bad day yesterday!

**To my readers outside the US, I do realize that to call a sporting event a “World Series” in which twenty nine US and one Canadian team competes is rather audacious.

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  • Michelle Meaders

    I don't understand. What did you get an award for, and from whom? What does baseball have to do with it?

  • Karen Fayeth

    Hi Michelle – The San Francisco Giants (my favorite team) won the World Series this year.

    The trophy given to the winner of the World's Series was brought to my place of work so that we could see it and have our photos taken.

    To me, getting to see the award my favorite team won was a huge thrill, made me very happy, and is like getting a bonus (in my humble opinion).

  • Lucky

    That sound you hear from the is me. Grinding my teeth with extreme jealousy.

  • Lucky

    From the EAST. . .see, I'm too jealous to type properly.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky – Ya just gotta know…it's beeeautiful! Stunning! Amazing!

    I almost cried.

    I know you get what I'm saying here. You know. :)

  • Anji

    You do look happy. World series of what ? (You probably hate me now). My mum has held two olympic gold medals in her hand – not bad for someone who is not at all sporty

  • Karen Fayeth

    Anji – Nah, I don't expect anyone, especially anyone living in France, to get my rabid feelings about baseball!!

    I can't imagine seeing a gold medal! Beautiful!

    I did also recently see the America's Cup (trophy for sailing) and found it to be astounding as well!

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