You Want Weird? We Got Weird.

When I need a quick break from the piles of spreadsheets I’m working on, I often take a few moments to do the daily ABQJournal Word Sleuth.

Today’s topic for the puzzle is “Food Cities”, as in, towns with a name that is also a food.

Friends and readers, you’ll be glad to know that our fair New Mexico has not one but two entries on the list:

Pie Town (in West central NM) and Chili (north of Espanola).

Odd names, to be sure. But let me tell you this, Pie Town is only scratching the surface of odd names for towns in the great State of NM.

Since we’re near Pie Town, let’s also visit Quemado. The word quemado means burned. There’s a happy connotation!

What about Raton? Rat Town. Yay! Let’s live there!

Ojo Caliente? Yes, folks, come live in hot eye!

Fruitvale. Mmmm, fruity!

Cotton City. Mmmm, cottony!

Catch a breeze in Windmill, near Cotton City. (they don’t have a lot going on down in the bootheel, do they?)

How about Loving? I mean, I’ve spent time in Loving (down in the southeast of the state). It’s just a normal town. You’d think folks would be doin’ it in the streets or something, but no.

Then there’s the easy pickings like Elephant Butte. Yes, yes, I know it’s butte, like a hill, but is there ANYONE traveling I-25 who doesn’t think the sign says elephant butt? No, I don’t think so. It’s giggle inducing.

And while we’re at Elephant Butt (left the e off on purpose) let’s talk about the neighboring town of Truth or Consequences?

More on the paths less traveled, let’s go get the tingles in Tingle, NM, up in the northwest of the state (south of Gallup, and yes, even Gallup is a funny place name).

Or get fried in Crisp, NM (in the Lincoln National Forest).

And I won’t start down the list of all the Navajo names like Ya-Ta-Hey and Chilili.

Folks, this isn’t even nearly an all inclusive list. I’m just getting started!

Gotta love our state, we can make it quirky in three languages, and that makes us a part of every kooky trivia list, crossword puzzle and word search looking for a something little different.

In my best Hee Haw style: Saaaaalute!

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  • Natalie

    Every day, while driving to Santa Fe, I see the sign for Budaghers and yell it out. It's kind of a tradition for me. When I say it, it sounds like "boogers."

    Makes me laugh every single time.


    And then I like to say, "AlllllllllllllGooooooDoooooooNessssssss." Always makes me think of meatballs.

    Oh, the entertaining things I do during my commute…

  • New Mexican

    I used to drive by Athol, Idaho and thought theu ought to change the name. But it is still there.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Nat – Oh, Budaghers. Good call!

    And Algodones. COTTON! Crazy. May as well just call it Cotton City and be done with it. Oh wait, we already have one of those.

  • Karen Fayeth

    New Mexican – Made me laugh right out loud. Good stuff!

  • Elise

    I still have my Pie Card. From the Pie Diner in Pie Town. I only need one more punch-out to get free pie.


  • Karen Fayeth

    Elise – Mmmmm, piiiiiie.

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