I’m doin’ it!

After a restorative weekend in Bodega Bay with The Cute Boy™ (celebrating our two year anniversary!), I’m caught up again and feeling that feelin’! Looking forward to getting through this week and onto my week of Thanksgivingy goodness. My benevolent CEO (snarf!) is giving us the week. Much needed. Work is getting in the way of my writing!

My novel is so far approximately nineteen thousand words of utter dreck. But that’s part of the joy of NaNo. Or so they say.

It’s not the Great American Novel, but it’s mine.

Photos from the weekend coming soon!

Longer, better written posts too!

And soon I must begin planning the menu for the Turkey Day treats. I want to go *simple* this year but my *simple* is always made too complex by my own OCDness. Turkey. Stuffing. Taters. Vegetable. Pie. There you go, the stuff of full bellies and happy family.

This year will be the first year The Cute Boy™ and I are together for the holiday. Years past we’ve gone separate directions, me tending to my family and he to his. The cooking this year will include Mother of The Cute Boy™ which means my nervousness is already starting. Thankfully I’ve cooked me a turkey before and have no qualms about it. I make excellent turkey, killer smash potatoes, delish stuffing and pies that make you say “yes please!”. So why am I so nervous?

Oh I don’t know, probably like the tides and the rising and setting sun, it’s just how things are.

Onward, I’ve many miles to go and at least a thousand words before I rest tonight!

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    Here’s hoping you have an eventful, wonderful holiday season.
    Yay for time off — that in and of itself is pretty inspiring.

    Can’t wait to see pictures.

    Are you on Flickr or anything?

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