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Ok, not mail, per se, but a comment made a couple posts back. It’s a good question, and one I’ll attempt to answer.

“grand negus said…
What do you think of the polotical (sic) situation in New Mexico. How does it look from your vantage point?”

So, despite the fact that I do comment on politics every now and again, I’m not generally one to give much authoritative insight.

A good place to check for this is Live from Silver City. The author of that blog, Avelino Maestas, has a keen political mind, and despite having recently moved to Washington DC, is still quite savvy on New Mexico politics. Heck, he’s savvy on politics in general. Another really great NM political blog is Heath Haussamen’s.

And to be honest, my views tend to lean a lot toward what former Albuquerque Mayor Jim Baca has to say in his Only in New Mexico blog.

The scramble for St. Pete’s seat will be an interesting one to watch. All the termites coming out of the woodwork vaguely reminds this Californian of the Governor Gray Davis recall. I mean, ya’ll can think it’s a circus but try having a stripper, a porn king, Gary Coleman and an Austrian actor in the hunt. Good lord…that was quite a ride.

Paraphrasing Jim, I think the election is ripe for a Democrat to take over that long held Republican seat. And I think it’s time. I used to be a fan of Domenici. I worked at Sandia Labs and year over year, Pete fought the fight both for Kirtland Air Force Base and funding for the labs. So there were years I literally owed my continued existence to him. But over time, I’ve become more liberal and Pete became more conservative, and never the twain shall meet, or something like that.

But, again, borrowing from Jim here, I fear the Democrats are not organized enough to make a strong run. There is time yet, but for now, the outlook is hazy.

If Wilson gets that spot, I will punch myself in the head. All I ask is that Wilson be defeated. I know it looks like it will go that way, but I take NOTHING for granted. I thought she’d be defeated by a landslide in the last election. That it was as close as it was scares the beejebus out of me.

And as for our New Mexican Governor running for President, I am of mixed mind. I know Jim Baca is staunchly in support of Richardson, mainly for his views on the environment. I have a lot of respect for that view. But as a New Mexican, I always thought Richardson was a lot of bluster, and I think I’m tired of a blustering President.

Richardson comes to the elections with a lot of experience (both governor and Secretary of Energy). Much more than his competition. His job is to make a splash. I don’t think this is Bill’s year, but he’s got a lot of work to do this year to make a name that will carry him for 2012.

On the other hand…I do enjoy a New Mexican making headlines. It’s good press for our fair state, and I’ll take it.

So there you have it, my mainly borrowed and fairly wishy-washy assessment. Aren’t you glad you asked? Lol!!


Wanna talk about my views on that tanker scraping the Bay Bridge and spilling fuel into the water? I spent some time in Bodega Bay this weekend, a place where many families make their living on a fishing boat. This spill is devastating. More on that to come. I promise.

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  • Natali

    Read Scot Key over at Burque Babble:
    (sorry, I can’t remember how to do the href deal)
    And, or, read Daily Kos at:

    Ol’ Marty Chavez is talkin’ about toilet paper and tissue while dissing Tom Udall.

    Tsk… politics! And now he’s formed a task force because he’s (hello, how transparent is this! concerned the red light thingies aren’t doing what they were supposed to do and may yank the program. Of course, the city has made almost 6 mil on them and they’ve been extremely controversial but, hey, ol’ Marty saves the day. Huh.

    New Mexico politics may be good ol’ boy and quirky but they can’t hold a candle to California.

    It’s kinda fun to sit on the sidelines and watch ’em all go at it.

    Yes, I am evil and maniacal in that way. lol

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