I don’t know, call me sentimental

I blame NewMexiKen and his recent blogging about citizenship tests. I pondered on it a bit in this post too, but lately, I’ve been thinking a bit about being an American and, yes, in my post-Fourth of July haze…about being patriotic.

I still get a proud chill when the Blue Angels fly low overhead. I put my hand over my heart when they play the Star Spangled. I can recite the Pledge of Allegiance with practiced ease.

Patriotism sort of became a bad word during the previous administration, where aspersions were cast left and right about who was and was not patriotic. That made me grit my teeth.

So ok, I don’t wear it on my sleeve, but sure, I am patriotic. I own it.

When I read this article in today’s Las Cruces Sun News, I have to admit, I got a little lump in the throat proud.

A small piece, really. Just a short bit about a local boy scout troop doing a proper ceremony to dispose of soiled flags.

I don’t really know all the rules about flying the flag, but I know enough. I get testy when I see a flag flying in the rain. Or unlit in the dark. Or when it’s been whipped to shreds but still flies.

I don’t really do anything wacky about it, like the guy who tore down the Mexican flag on the UNM campus when he noticed a violation of flag protocol.

But I notice stuff and it bugs me.

It was an interesting read at the VFW site about the main code for flying a flag. I learned a little there.

Also interested to see the link to this site, a company that provides proper disposal of a flag for a fee.

Mainly, getting back to the event held in Las Cruces, I was just happy to see a new generation of kids is learning respect and both the proper way to fly, and when the time comes, dispose of, Old Glory.

Photo recycled from this blog…taken at Fort Stanton, NM

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  • Anonymous

    What irks me is something like what I saw in Roswell at a Taco Bell a couple of years ago. A pickup plastered with flags and bumber stickers. A little flag was waving from each window. One bumper sticker said "if you are enjoying freedom, thank a vet".

    And inside right next to the door was a broken down guy with a vest full of more flags and all kinds of pins and a baseball hat that said "Vietnam Vet".

    He had positioned himself so you could not miss him. By the way,I did not thank him, but several folks did..

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ugh. May as well wear a sign that says "pay attention to meeeee!"

    I've never enjoyed when people use what they call patriotism as a club to whack folks over the head.

    And Taco Bell guy is a fine example of that.

  • Andrew

    Really good photo….

    Thanks for sharing…


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