Ah, vocabulary

As a writer, I’m always interested to see, year to year, which words end up getting added to the dictionary.

Usually they are popular words that bee-bop around the lexicon and eventually get legitimized.

Generally, once the word is added to Merriam-Webster, the trend is so over…

Anyhow, here’s a sampling of new words recently added:

Staycation (my *god* I loathe this word…and I’m a lover of words!)

Frenemy (pretty much hate this one too)

Locavore ( : sound of head pounding on desk : )

And a new definition for sock puppet (whatever)


I’m sure that words like tweeple, facebrag and running latte are soon to follow.

Is it a bad sign that Urban Dictionary has become a legitimate reference tool?

Ah well.


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