Kids, just say nuh-uh

Much this week about bringing idols from my childhood to a demise.

No, not what you’re thinking. I’m not talking about that *event* held today in LA, which shall go unnamed on this blog as I don’t need to lend anymore kerfuffle to the well built pile already laying around.

No, I have something else on my mind.

Namely….how come drinking and driving makes your hair all jacked up?

Couple arrests this week.

First Joyce DeWitt, former hottie from Three’s Company:

And now, the guy who played Carmine “The Big Ragoo” on Laverne & Shirley.

I seem to recall he used to be pretty hot. I might have had a little “thing” for him, in the day.

And now? Yeeeow!

I need to go now and spend some time tending to my broken childhood dreams.

Images and story courtesy of TMZ.

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