Here’s What Being Smug Will Getcha

Remember when I gloated about the sun? I frolicked, collecting all the Vitamin Dees I could while it snowed in ABQ?


Photo originally posted February 1

Well I’ve certainly gotten my comeuppance, haven’t I?

Photo taken yesterday, Feb. 18

What a difference a few weeks make. When we had that early sun, I knew that soon the bill would come due. And it has. In a big way.

The skiers are happy, the snow has dumped on Tahoe. The people who track our water supplies are happy, lots of rain plus expected runoff means we avoid a drought for another year.

Me, I’m not as happy. Grey skies make me blue. So I sit inside, nose pressed against the window, and daydream about Spring.

All photographs by Karen Fayeth and subject to the creative commons license as seen in the far right column of this page.

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