Gimme Air! *gasp*

Someone explain to me why, exactly, these beautiful large windows in my office don’t open?

When I look outside I see a warm fall breeze rustling the trees that grow near the building. I’m only a few floors up, at a perfect height to take FULL advantage of a lovely breeze off the nearby water.

But like some Bubble Boy, I can only look. And yearn.

Recently, the Facilities team made the decision to switch the HVAC system over to heat. This decision was made despite the fact that this “crisp” October day is currently a balmy 65 degrees outside.

So today it’s stuffy in here. Very, very stuffy.

To me, this is a perfect day to turn off all heating and cooling devices, throw open the windows and invite Indian Summer to come inside. We can have a glass of iced tea and talk over the affairs of the world in slow and languid tones.

But noooo. I have super double thick unbreakable can’t get through ’em even if you throw a chair at them bird-poop-covered glass windows.

I mean…I’m glad that at least I get to see the outside. I could be in the center of the building with no view to the outside world.

But still. I yearn.

After lunch, when I was a bit hotted up after taking a walk, I switched on the fan in my office. It’s under my desk.

I’m not going to lie to ya, the way that fan is pointed? It’s blowing up my skirt.

Rather refreshing, but it’s no substitute for a nice Fall breeze coming through an open window.

Photo by Lea Csontos from Stock Xchng free stock photo site.

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  • Lucky

    Try being in a classroom with NO windows (much less any that open) with 25 stinky kids after gym class. And no a/c, because other teachers on the hall complained it was too cold. So no air circulation at all. Or natural light. Just 12 year olds who haven't realized that with puberty, comes deodorant.

  • Anji

    It's in case you want to throw yourself out of the window because of a lack of fresh air.

    Lucky: I nearly lost one of my students through an open window.

  • Anonymous


    The only thing I can think of is that they must hate you.

    It couldn't be that you're 50 feet off the ground.


  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky – Ugh. Ok, you win. Generally speaking, my coworkers are up on their use of d.o.

    My best friend teaches freshman english. She keeps a carefully constructed network of Glade Plugins around the room for that very same issue.

    Yet another reason why teachers should be compensated A LOT more than they are.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Anji – Why do I gotta suffer cuz some yo-yo's can't stay inside the windows? Sheesh.

    I suppose if one can't be trusted, none of us can be trusted.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ephraim – Right! See, you understand! :)

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