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Opening sentence that is witty, sets the tone, or is outlandish. This first paragraph should get the reader’s attention and make them want to read more.

Second paragraph. This one explains about the topic at hand. In most cases this will tell a story, give some background, or provide some research. A wild and wacky childhood story is always useful to make a point.

Third paragraph. This is the life lesson. The what I learned. The what this means to me. The how this should make you feel. Or a shared moment of awe, laughter or a call to action.

Fourth paragraph. Sum it up. Bring it all to a conclusion. Tie up the threads. Make it all make sense.

End with a quote, something profound, or just be silly.

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**Today’s blog post brought to you by the museless writer known as Karen Fayeth

***For something kick ass, check out the National Geographic Photo of the Day titled, West Texas Cowboy.

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  • Commenter

    Witty, insightful or supportive comment that relates the post to the commenter's life.

    Then tells the blog author what a brilliant, insightful and witty gal she is.

  • Anji

    I like to have a question to answer too, it makes me feel useful as a commenter.

    The Nat Geo picture is well worth the look. I wish I could ride off (into the sunset, but there wasn't one) like that.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Anji – ooh, good point. A question. Fergot about that.

    Isn't that a cool photo? It's now the wallpaper on my desktop.

  • Scott

    Commenter beat me to it. I was going to comment something similar. When I saw this I at first thought someone had filled a blog with posts like this, my first thought was to scroll down to see the other posts.

    You made me smile.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Scott – Fooled ya! :)

    When writing my very uninspired post, I did have the thought that someone (like you) might think I had accidentally left a a blog template or something.

    Glad you scrolled down!

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