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  • Natalie

    Well… where were you when this happened? At home? On a bridge (oh, that would be the worst!)? At work?

    Ahhhh… I remember the good ol’ days of shakin’, rattlin’, and rollin’… when I lived in California. My sister had just ten minutes prior, driven over the Bay Bridge when that quake hit and caused it to collapse.

    Scary shit,eh?

    I hope ya’ll are okay.

  • Karen Fayeth

    I was at home. The Cute Boy was up in SF. The cat and I clung to each other with wide eyes as the thing just went on and on and on.

    This is the biggest quake we’ve had in my ten year tenure in the Bay Area. Usually it’s just “oh, a little shaker!” but not this one. Skeered me pretty good.

    Knocked some stuff off shelves but mostly no damage.

    Freaky. A total feeling of powerlessness.

    We’re ok, thanks for asking!

  • Natalie

    Totally unnerving. It makes yer tummy do flip-flops. Such a strange feeling…

    Glad ya’ll are okay.

    Animals seem to know, don’t they? I bet that really freaked out your kitty.

    Boy, between that fire/bridge collapse (from that truck accident) and an earthquake… ya’ll’ve had some interestingly disasterous moments.

    Stay safe!

    The word verification is funny:
    Sounds catty…

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