Ghost busted

Aw durn. Some Halloween debunking.

Back in June I posted about the ghosty caught on film at the courthouse in Santa Fe.

I have to admit, watching the video I was pretty bought in. It was *weird*.

So sadly, last night, while surfing about I found this article on Yahoo.

Way to de-ghost my holiday!

Damn it!

Turns out it was a ladybug. Probably.

Debunked? Or no?

You decide……

Muah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The debunking vid:

The original vid:

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  • -s

    You know,
    Long long ago, and far far away (okay, five years ago, and down in Florida), I used to actually go “ghosthunting” down in Florida. I managed (much to the dismay of my group) to scientifically explain everything we captured on film, with a scientific answer. I stopped after a while, got too expensive — however I miss those good ole’ days. I saw the news article as well (good ole KRQE), and my first thought was “moth, or insect”. Sorry.. that’s just the way it is.
    Now, did you see the news about the KiMo Theatre in ABQ?

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