For my own good

So in trying to feel better physically and mentally, I’ve made the choice to give up most of the sugar in my diet. Caffeine too, including decaf (it has some caffeine).

I’m ok on the caffeine part. That’s no problem, I’ve never really been able to have that much and when I do, I feel like crap.

Oh but giving up the sugar. It’s killing me.

I hear that quitting cigarettes is about the most difficult thing ever. I’ve never been a smoker, so I can’t compare.

But I can say that Demon Sugar is whispering in my ear right now. “Just one cookie. It won’t hurt. You’ll feel so much better! That headache will go away! You’ll have a little lift! Come on! Just one chocolate bar, what can it do?”

Gad, even this image makes me drool.

I gotsa problem!

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  • Elise

    I smoked from 12 to 47, and I think it would be just as hard for me to quit eating sugar as it was to quit smoking.

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