While I was in the breakroom this morning, The Red Phone started ringing!


I almost jumped out of my shoes. I stared at it in confusion and disbelief, much like how people respond to a ringing payphone. I wavered over whether or not to answer it. After about seven rings, it stopped.

Was this a matter of national importance? Or simply one of those “the warranty on your car has expired…” call ‘bots? We may never know.

I guess the phone works now.

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  • jeanne

    Hi Karen,
    I just had to share with you that my new VoIP phone just arrived on my desk yesterday! The entire University is getting switched over to VoIP phones over the next several weeks – huge project. But… no one has mentioned anything about “The Red Phone” but it makes sense. I might have to inquire with the powers-that-be about it.

    Hope all is well! Hugs to you and hello to TGM! :)

    • Karen Fayeth

      Let me know if you get a Red Phone too! Maybe I can ring you up on it and we can plot the fate of the world! LOL!!! :)

      Big hugs back!

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