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Thanks to the folks who dropped me a note to ask where the heck I’d wandered off to and when the heck I would get back to blogging.

You make my heart sing. You awesome wild things.

It’s been a nutty week, wait…has it really been a week since I posted?


But here I am back in the comforting arms of My Fair New Mexico and all its glory.

And so, as Michelle correctly guessed in the comments of my New Year’s Eve posting, I have a new job and it’s all VERY exciting.** It’s a big move for me and it was tough decision. I think it’s the right move and I couldn’t be more fired up.

As though a sign from the heavens, today I discovered that one of my coworkers on my immediate work team used to work for the State of New Mexico. He is not originally from there but lived in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque for several years.

When this came to light, we had one hell of a downhome visit here at the new office. I’m a little spun around by this new job, even just two days in, and so it was completely comforting to talk about New Mexico with someone who understands. So many coworkers in California who don’t know, don’t understand. But this one does.

I’ve already offered to bake him biscochitos and we’re planning how to get some green chile up in this place of employ.

And speaking of New Mexico, I’d like to share my new badge photo with you because, honestly, I think it took the roots of my raising to get me to this point.

Here we go:

“I will cut you”

When I first looked at it I thought, “I look like a bad ass.”


I look like a BAD ASS!


When I showed it to my husband, he said “I like it, it’s sassy.”

I said, “It’s not sassy! That face says ‘don’t mess with me’”

He said, “Yeah, I’d mess with you anyway.” — Which is why he’s The Good Man and stuff.

When I showed it to my best friend I told her that The Good Man said, “it’s sassy.”

My El Paso born, raised-on-the-border friend said, “Um, sassy in a chola way.”

And then I was super happy.

I’d like to think I learned from my chola sisters in my early years. They taught me a lot of things, including burning the end of my eyeliner with a lighter and how I should take my earrings off before I get in a fight.

Life lessons, really.

Ok, to be totally upfront and honest, the look on my face isn’t my inner bad assitude finding its way to the surface. It’s really just me looking at the weird badge office set up and thinking “which of these two different cameras are they using? Where do I look? What is going on back there? Do they really know what the hell is going on and when are they going to…oh damn…they took the picture.”

Badge office confusion converted into “I will cut you” is ok by me!


**Michelle also guessed I was either pregnant or adopting. Nope and… : shudder : Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

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  • Natalie

    My first and immediate thought was, “very Cholla.”
    Congrats and good luck!!!

    • Karen Fayeth

      Nat – Thanks! and…Thanks! As with any new job the first days are insane. So. Much. Training. Ugh!

      But so far so good.

  • anjiknut

    I’ve missed out on a lot. Congratulations on your new job, you sound comfortable there. I don’t think they will mess with you when they see your pic. Why do official pics suck people’s souls out?

    • Karen Fayeth

      Anji – That is a really good question. I usually try to smile in official photos, I think a smile and looking right into the camera helps make the photos look better. In this case I had NO idea where to look and the photo was done before I knew it. Ah well….

      Good to see you back here and thanks for the comment.

  • Scott

    Uhhh…might also want to point out that I thought this was a pic of you at, oh…about 26 or so (in the good way). Just sayin’ :)

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