Can’t I Just Have Something Nice!?!

That title must be said in an Edith Bunker sort of voice.

Come with me to the Wayback Machine…

I remember back in the day, grade school era in Albuquerque, when I used to spend time over at my best friend Kathy’s house. It was small, white with pink trim, located over by Montgomery park, across from the public swimming pool.

That little house had this front room, right as you came in the door, that featured these really nice blue velour couches. Very cushiony.

However, those pretty couches were covered with thick plastic wrap. Her mother explained that was “to protect” the couches.

In Albuquerque on a hot summer day, those dang couches were miserable.

There were also plastic runners on the floor. This was “to protect” the carpet.

I once stepped outside the line, as is my way, and got my ear chewed off by Kathy’s mom.

That tiny Hispanic lady also drove a metallic blue Oldsmobile. Kathy and I used to take gymnastics lessons at the YMCA. Kathy’s mom would take that Olds to the car wash every single week during the hour we had our lessons.

She wouldn’t pay to have it dried, just washed, so she’d roll up with water droplets hanging off the sides. (You can get away with that in the 7% humidity of New Mexico.)

Why am I telling you this?

I got to thinking about Kathy’s mom today as I was looking at my brand spanking new iPhone 4.

It’s a beauty of a new phone. A bit heaver than the last model. The screen is amazingly clear. The black and chrome styling. Haaawt!

So here I am with this beautiful phone that isn’t cheap. It’s something really, really nice. And what did I do? I put an ugly plastic case around this marvel of industrial engineering.

You know, “to protect” it.

I tried to find the coolest case I could, but really, there’s not much out there that enhances the beauty and design of the iPhone.

I’m just “keeping it for nice.”

I know you know what I mean.

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  • New Mexican

    Great story. Just great. I bet if you sat on the plastic covered sofa you would probably stick to it

  • Karen Fayeth

    New Mexican – Oh totally. And it would make that riiiiip sound when you stood up.


  • Elise

    Oh noooo!!! A shrinkwrap mom!!!

    You know what's funny? I don't think those actually exist anymore. I think that generation was the last generation of compulsive shrink-wrappers.

    I wonder why?

  • Karen Fayeth

    You know, I think you are right. I wonder too where they all went….

    Though I did go to the home of a friend's parents last month. He's my age and it is the home he grew up in. The decor is totally unchanged from his childhood. A *beautiful* home in San Francisco with lime green shag carpeting and the most old school, but not shrink wrapped, couches ever!

    It's so dated, it's totally hip again!

  • Elise

    Maybe it was partially down to having survived the Depression? That generation never threw anything away and tried to make everything they bought last forever.

    My younger brother–the one I call Cletus–lives in my parents' house, and it's the same story as your friend. Total preservation. The Davis Museum, in Harvest Gold.

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