Awkward Fan Girl Alert!

I have a crush.

Ok, to be fair, I have the biggest crush of all on my husband. He makes my tummy go all googley.

But I also have another, less powerful, crush.

A crush that I’ve been open and honest about with my spouse. He is ok with it. Or, while maybe not ok with it, tolerates my geek girl crush because that’s just the sort of kind and understanding way he has with me.

You see, my crush is not about the usual sort of person you’d think.

No Robert Pattinson nor Johnny Depp. Nope.

Not even someone who you might call a celebrity. But someone who is a known figure…at least in the UK and to watchers of the BBC.

Oh, ok, I’ll be out with it.

I have a crush on Mike Embley, lead presenter on BBC World News.

In my post-cable rabbit-ears-and-a-digital-box joy, I’ve discovered the very serious yet truly wonderful BBC World News show.

It’s informative and not inflammatory. It’s not televised drama, it’s actual news from around the world. I’ve learned a LOT from this show and I chalk much of that up to Mr. Embley who presents the news in a professional and calm manner with a slight tinge of a sense of humor burbling just below the surface.

Plus, he cuts a stunning figure in a pink shirt and tie with a dark grey suit.

Truth be told, I find him rather irresistible. Brains and humor reel me in every time (just ask The Good Man who has both in spades, and might I mention, cuts a rather fabulous visage in a suit, himself).

Anyhow, yesterday, I was taking in the world news from the pleasing voice of Mr. Embley, and at the end of the show, he said, “You can follow me on Twitter at @bbcmikeembley.”

Well that was that.

I looked him up and began following him straight away.

In reading his Tweet stream, I saw that he seems to be rather responsive to his followers. In many cases, he thanked people for the follow and answered their questions.

So…I took a chance.

Here’s the transcript:

From me:

karenfayeth @bbcmikeembley I’m pleased to find you on Twitter. I very much enjoy your BBC World News broadcasts!!

A couple hours later came the reply:

bbcmikeembley @karenfayeth Happy to be Twting. Don’t as much as I’d like but that mostly cos busy with the brdcasting. Or kids. Or dog. Or v bad guitar.

Oh swoon!

I appreciate he left out vowels to get to an economy of characters, and still managed to be very well spoken.

I am simply all a flutter to receive a reply!

When I showed it to my husband, he replied, “Oh my, you’re a news fan geek. Who would have thought?”

He says this because I’m pretty steadfast in that I don’t watch the news.

I really, really don’t watch American broadcast news. It sets my teeth on edge.

Nope, no news…

But for one show. The one presented by my new Twitter friend…Mr. Embley.

: geek out!!! :

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  • Anji

    He certainly doesn't look like the average newsreader and he plays the guitar!

    The newsreader who gets all French women interested in the news during the summer months is Harry Roselmack. If you google his name you'll see what I mean.

  • Karen Fayeth

    I Googled him.

    Oh. My.

    I can see what you mean and would like to keep seeing what you mean.

  • Lucky

    I can't believe you're crushing on Mike Embley. I don't know who does his wardrobe, but it's. . .daring. Have you seen the lime green ensemble? It's kind of a light grey/taupe suit with a lime green shirt and tie.

    Personally, I got all geeked out when Jim Lehrer came through ABQ on his book tour. I think the wife and I were the only people under 70 in the room who hadn't been obviously dragged by parents/grandparents. I got his signature! (The book was horrible).

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oh, now see, that kind of out there fashion style reeeeally does it for me!!

    LOL about Jim Lehrer. I went to see Steven J. Cannell (writer on, like, every tv show in the 80's and current mystery novelist) and the spouse and I believe we brought down the average age in the room by a good fifteen points….. The biddies love them a good mystery author!

    So I hear ya is what I'm saying…. :)

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