At First I Was All….

So. You know. The life of a writer. It goes something like this:

Write something brilliant.

Submit it.


Get a pile of rejection letters.

Feel bad about the world and my place in it.


Work up my courage.

Write something else and submit it.


Get another pile of rejection letters even larger than the last.


And then….

Someone finally says, “Ok, we’ll take it.”

Woo hoo!!

Thass right, for the past year and a half I’ve been writing and submitting my heiney off and finally I am back in print!

Well, online print but so goes the way of the literary magazine. (If online is good enough for Newsweek, it’s certainly good enough for me)

And so without further ado, the link to my fabulously published essay in Wild Violet:

Merit Badge by Karen Fayeth

Share it with your friends, family and strangers!

And do a little happy dance with me!

Shake it, shake it!

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