Anyone for a Mojito?

So let’s see, I moved to this odd and fascinating Golden State of California in 1997.

This is now 2010…

So that would make it…let’s see, do the math…carry the one…

Ah yes. Thirteen years that I’ve lived here.

Thirteen. That’s a lucky number!

And you’d think that in thirteen years I would have arrived at the place where I no longer pick hayseeds out of my hair.

You’d think.

But you’d be wrong.

What a yokel I am.

Here’s the latest.

Brace yourself for another backyard adventure.

Today I was out in my side yard. There is this scrubby, invasive, grows too fast tree/bush thing out there that I *hate*.

It’s so unlike me to have vitriol for something that is only a plant. But I do.

So I was out there hacking away at the damn thing because if I don’t stay on top of it, soon it will grow taller than my roof and the neighbors will complain. It tends to invade the nextdoor neighbors yard as well.

Ticks me off.

So I trim the crap out of it.

Here’s how it looks now:

Never fear, oh mighty plant lovers. In a month it will be back at roof height. Gawd I hate that thing!

Anyhoo. After I was done committing gross violence to a bush/tree type a deal, I looked down and saw a few huge weeds. Well…I had my gloves on and the ground was soft, so I started wiggling them durn weeds out by the root.

At one point, I noticed a row of different looking weeds growing from the crack where the outside wall of the house meets concrete.

So I gave them a hearty tug.

Suddenly, all I could smell was this minty odor. I smelled my hands. Leather gloves and mint.


So I took a small plant sample inside so I could Google it.

Sure enough. We have mint growing wild in our yard

I have no idea where this came from and I don’t recall mint growing in the yard before. It just, I don’t know, appeared out of nowhere this year.

Look, I’m from New Mexico. I’m used to coaxing things to grow in the yard with a lot of vigor and pleading.

Not here. This sh*t just grows wild! There ya go! Something magical. Didn’t even have to try.

Next up on the list of fruits ripening in my untended backyard:


Yes! Love fresh figs.

I’m ready for ’em!

Anyhow. This has been a very big day. Maybe I need a nap.

Oh, and in closing…this for my friend Natalie who likes bird of paradise.

That’s a biggun!

I swear to god that thing blooms all year long. That shouldn’t happen. And does.

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  • Natalie

    Awe. Thank you! That is my all-time favorite. Makes me miss California. I love how it just blooms and blooms from it's plumes and plumes…

    I have mint in my front yard. Can't get rid of it. Verrrrrryyyyy invasive. I don't mind if I can get a hold on it but the stuff just goes where it goes. This year it's lovin' my irises.

    I put it in my sun tea and sometimes just make mint tea. I also give away LOTS!

    How are your persimmons doing? Got lowquats? You know that citrus loves to grow there, right? Big, fat tree-ripened grapefruits! Nothin' like it. Sweet!

    Figs always make me itch 'cause the leaves have that itchy stuff on the undersides.

    Love your cornucopia!

  • Karen Fayeth

    I had no idea mint was such a pesky little weed. Interesting.

    The persimmon tree looks good. All the leaves are back on and I suppose we'll have quite the crop this year. The loquats are still hanging in there. The squirrels LOVE one of the trees. They go nutty over all that fruit!

    I don't have any citrus in my yard, but next door they have oranges and around the corner they have lemons. So I steal 'em.

    My over the fence neighbor has a beautiful pear tree. It is just out of reach, but when it puts on fruit this year (it was bountiful last year) I'm so shimmying over the wall to get me some!

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