A matter of personal choice?

So I dropped by a favorite “blog post idea” site today and the first item that was presented for my consideration was:

“Suggest to your visitors some toilet literature”

Oh my.

I mean…I believe toidy literature is indeed essential, but isn’t that a highly personalized decision?

There is the good ol’ fashioned newspaper, but what with the drop in newspaper circulation, not as many people take a physical paper anymore.

So this material has limitations.

I have a friend who keeps a basket of catalogs by the toilet. It’s multitasking! Shopping and…er…you know.

Plus, I suppose they could come in handy in the case of a toilet tissue shortage.

Personally, I favor taking my iPhone along for the journey. That way I can do email, read the news, shop, whatever whim might strike my fancy when I’ve got a few spare minutes to spend.

The downside of this is that between the sink, tub and other water issuing devices in the restroom, it can be tricky. Best to keep the ol’ iPhone nice and dry.

Plus, The Good Man tends to get bent out of shape when he receives messages from me while indisposed.

“Did you just email me from the can?!?!” he’ll shout when his email goes ‘bing’ with a new message.

Well. Yes. Is that a problem?

I’ll admit, there have been times when I’m on a writing jag (and you have GOT to respect the streak) when I have taken my laptop in there with me so I could keep writing while doing my business.

I won’t even relay the comments I get from The Good Man when I do that.

Suffice to say, he’s horrified.

Ok, so back to the topic. I actually spent some time considering options. Novels, magazines, catalogs, short story anthologies, comic books, reading the back of the toothpaste tube and of course nothing at all.

After all this thinking, I believe I’ve arrived at the best answer.

Something that has quick readability, short segments, maybe even a laugh or two.

Ah yes, I’ve made my decision.

Bar none, the best toilet literature ever has to be:

Reader’s Digest

You’re welcome.

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  • Anonymous

    I think you should go to a different blog idea site first. :)

    Ephraim F. Moya

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ephraim – Hmm…you are probably right.

    I'll do my best to bring up the level of discourse on the blog tomorrow.

    Thanks for the comment! :)

  • Natalie

    Believe it or not… there are actual publications specifically for bathroom reading. (Take it from an old bookseller…) They are located in the Humor section @ B&N.
    I've done it all except for that laptop part. Cannot bring myself to take the laptop into the loo… Blackberry, yes; laptop, no.

    Personal favorite is memoirs: they are short, usually each chapter reads like a short story, and it's always nice to read the "shit" people are up to why, um, er, you know.

  • Karen Fayeth

    You know, if there is a way to make a buck, someone will find it. Books specifically for the john. Well I'll be….

  • Michael

    You really had me at Fartima. A nice article to read on a Friday.

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