Lighting a votive for, uh, peace?

Oh, this could be a serious and solemn post.

It’s not gonna be, however.

So you see…my rock star mom-in-law is a Brooklyn girl, and at the holidays, she has traditions in keeping with where she was raised.

In her words: “Not untypically for someone from Brooklyn in my day for most of my adult life, I’ve made Italian food for the holidays. Often the menu included a seafood dish like spaghetti and clams for Christmas or New Years Eve and usually a lasagna on Christmas Day.”

Italian food? Oh I’m ALL about that.

This holiday season it was her very generous idea to celebrate the holidays with the foods from my childhood in New Mexico.

That means tamales that we handmade together, a pan of Hatch green chile enchiladas and a big pot o’ beans.

To help set the atmosphere, my mom-in-law brought over some accoutrements including Mexican hot chocolate, a tortilla warmer, and an Our Lady of Guadalupe votive candle.

We lit Our Lady up and enjoyed dinner by her warm candlelight.

So the holidays passed by, as they will. The Good Man and I began to dismantle the holiday displays in our home and put things away.

Our Lady of the Fabulous Christmas Feast had been on the coffee table for a couple weeks, but after New Years she had disappeared. The Good Man had stowed her away somewhere. Fair enough, right?

But then…I was rather startled to, uh, find her.


I call her “Our Lady of Fartima.”

The Good Man never laughs when I do.

But I crack myself up every time. I think being able to make your ownself laugh is the key to a long life.

Side note to Ephraim: I realize yesterday I promised to try and keep it classy on the blog today. I failed miserably. I’ll try again on Monday, ok?

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  • Elise


    And seriously, he didn't LAUGH? That boy ain't quite right. ;-)

  • Karen Fayeth

    Yeah, it is more like a very deep eye roll….he has very refined humor.

    I, however, do not.


    Then again, he can do a dead on Kermit the Frog doing "It's not easy being green." He did it on our second date. I think that's whenI fell hopelessly in love….

  • Anonymous

    Given your nature, you might enjoy this. Its probably too refined for your husband, though. :)

    Ephraim F. Moya

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oh Ephraim, that's quite a link!

    My fave quote:

    "To discover some Drug wholesome & not disagreable, to be mix'd with our common Food, or Sauces, that shall render the natural Discharges of Wind from our Bodies, not only inoffensive, but agreable as Perfumes."

    And here I already thought my "discharges" were like perfumes on the, ahem, wind.

    Nice find!

  • Anonymous

    Now that I know how you roll and in honor of Ben Franklin's birthday here's my last post in this vein:

    Ephraim F. Moya

    (These are fun!) :)

  • Karen Fayeth

    Hee! Good stuff, Ephraim.

    Good ol' Ben. That whole key on the kite thing and now this…

    Truly a great man!

  • Kath Lockett

    Good grief! Still maybe I can't be too snobby because we have a bloke here in Melbourne who is sculpting Steve Irwin in bronze…!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Yeah, Good Grief about covers it. That statue is too, too bizarre.

    I think I could even accept a Steve Irwin statue over this…I don't know….

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