Your Opinions Count!

And so here’s the thing….

I’ve been asked to add one photo to an upcoming local annual group photography exhibit.

This is a very big deal for me and I’m super excited!

Trouble is…how to narrow it down to just ONE photo?

There are no bounds or themes to submissions other than no nudity.

So I’ve been pouring through my iPhoto library and have narrowed the list down to five.

Here’s where you come in…

I’ve posted thumbnails below for first glance, but I actually recommend you view the five photos in a Flickr Slideshow.

Once you’ve viewed and made your choice, please click here to vote. This will open a new page on Survey Monkey where you can give me your choice. (be sure to click “done” after you’ve made your selection!)

Bear in mind these haven’t been cropped yet and have only minor color enhancement done. Once we choose the photo, I’ll do more work with tweaking and cropping. I’m looking for the photo subject I think has the best chance of being sold, so I can donate the proceeds to the burgeoning art gallery. Keep that in mind as you look.

Herewith, the contenders:

Sunset Building


Curious Giraffe


Pretty, On Sale


Thoughtful Lemur


Housefinch in Winter


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  • Jamie Dedes

    Girafe, I think.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Thanks Jamie!!

  • Anonymous


    These are all pretty good. The one with the clothing has promise.

    But…None of them strike me as winning quality.

    Take another trip thru your collection.

    Regards and Good Luck!
    Ephraim F. Moya

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ah Ephraim, keeping it real, it's what I really appreciate about you!

    Thankfully this isn't a contest, it's a gallery showing of amateur photographers.

    I'm very amateur and have lots of room to grow. I'm grateful for the opportunity to show my work.

    But I'll take your advice and comb through my library again with a fresh eye to see what works.

    Thank you!!

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