Ah, Spring

In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

Yes, yes, it’s inevitable that the famous Tennyson quote will be trotted out when the weather turns warm. Especially after the winter we’ve had.

But is that true? Does a young man’s fancy lightly turn to thoughts of love?

Is it love? Or more like “damn, baby, it’s been a long cold winter.”

And if young men turn to thoughts of love, what about the thoughts of young ladies?

Well, I may not be young and I’m no lady, so what do my thoughts lightly turn to?

Well. Those cute little strappy sandals. You know the ones, with the heel, not to high, but high enough to make my legs look nice?

Oh, and if I’m wearing those, then I totally need a mani-pedi.

*ahem* Excuse me. Totally girled out there for a minute. Bringing it back to center….

My thoughts lightly turn to…

Margaritas on the patio of my favorite restaurant while nomming guacamole and hearing light mariachi music in the background.

Iced tea. Preferably made by the sun.

Liberating my legs from the tyranny of pants. (oops, better shave ’em. It *has* been a long winter!)

Apricots ripening in the side yard.

Farmer’s Markets with all of the rest of the produce that arrives with spring including nectarines, peaches and artichokes.

Daffodils on the dining room table. Followed by tulips. Followed by a cacophony of all the flowers of Spring and Summer.

Achoo! Sneezes. Because god knows all those fabulous flowers bring not so fabulous pollen.

Longer days and fabulous sunsets.

Riding my bike! (getting it tuned up today!)

Stepping outside and turning my face to the sun like an over ripened sunflower because oh-my-am-I happy to have that big fireball back in the sky where it’s visible. My vitamin D-cell batteries are running low!

Photo from: Kimberly Clark… time out, tired of Flickr!‘s photo stream.

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  • Anonymous

    What you call 'girling out' we in my group call 'blonding away'. Its one of our favorite topics of conversation.

    Really good practitioners of the art can change the subject in mid sentence.

    'Is it further to the mountains or by bus?'

    And then when we say What? they get angry with us.


    ps. You should live in Southern California for a couple of years. The weather there is always the same. Sunny and warm. Its beautiful.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Here's the thing…I believe even the most stalwart of professional women can have a "girl moment."

    I believe even Janet Reno would "squeee!" over a really great sale on very comfortable yet cute shoes.

    Just because I have the propensity to, as you say, "blonde away" doesn't mean I can't also be an ass-kicking, gun shooting, mean ol' gal too!

    Wimmen! Can't live with us, can't shoot us (cuz we'll shoot back!)


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