Wow, a lot to be sad about these days

In short order, we’ve lot a lot of great voices.

As noted yesterday, Jerry Reed passed.

Also over the long weekend, Don LaFontaine passed away at the age of 68. LaFontaine was that great deep voice you’d hear in most movie trailers, “In a world…”

He was also featured in a Geico ad recently, which always gave me a chuckle.

And now today’s ABQjournal reports that Harold Gans has died at the age of 85. Gans was the moaning, groaning voice of Zozobra for over forty years (retiring from the gig in ’94), missing his turn at the mike only once, due to a heart attack in ’82.

This year’s burning of Zozobra will honor him.

That’s a lot of feeling speechless in just a few days.

I’ll keep my keening about the fact that Zozobra is already right around the corner to myself. : whimper :

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