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  • Old Bogus

    But in this case, I think the employee was out of line. Unless some substantial details were missing.

  • Lucky

    My favorite line when asked for the manager was always "I AM the manager." Which I wasn't, but had permission to say. The manager (Staples) was really lazy & hated conflict.

    "course, then I got the whole speech about how if the owners of Staples only knew how horribly I treated the customer, yada, yada, yada. Whatever.

  • Natalie

    I do know what you mean.
    However, I wield my Kindergarten Voice more often than a fist.
    It’s just the right amount of condescending tone.
    Had a lady on Monday scream at one of my employees… I stepped in and helped her and even got her to apologize. Took her order and found out her name: Hater.
    Not kidding.
    And she was…
    People are so damaged and impolite!

  • Anonymous

    Denny’s busboy on the bar rush shift, about 90lbs dripping, I used to stand really close and start telling my life story without coming up for air “MynameisEmmettandIgrewuparoundheretho IusedtoliveinTexas…and watch their eyes glaze.
    For the truly violent you are out of their attention, an annoyance rather than a threat, and close enough for an elbow to the windpipe which pretty much shuts down a fight.

    And if I missed the waitresses would beat ’em within an inch with their shoes.

    Ah, to be young again

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