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You know, the more popular online stores, the Amazons and the iTunes of the world are getting more sinister sneaky creative.

They have started these “recommended for you” features or “just for you” picks.

The choices are based on what you have looked at or bought in the past. iTunes also looks at your current library to make recommendations.

Which is both cool and diabolical because it makes me buy more. I mean, they find stuff I may not have thought of! I’ve dropped serious coin after an hour on the “just for you” feature on iTunes.

So when I’m bored, I’ll go over and take a gander to see what’s recommended. Maybe I’ll make a new find!

However…I’m starting to get nervous about just what, exactly, my “recommended for you” lists say about me.

Here is an actual screen capture of my actual “Just for You” list on iTunes:

This does not say “hip cat”. This does not say “cutting edge”. This does not say “wow, you are the person people want to be like”.

This says…you are lame as hell and listen to the kind of music they play in the elevators around the world.

I can’t even debate the choices. I *adore* Roger Miller, I already own that Lynn Anderson, and I’ve been known to favor a tune or ten by Mickey Gilley. I used to own that Goo Goo Dolls (but wearied of them) and that Michael McDonald song is one of my all time favorites. Oh and that song “Wildfire”…well, it brings a tear to the eye every time.

Fine. I’m a dork. Whatever.

This is like going to the dentist with teeth you are pretty sure are spotless and then they make you chew that red tablet and show you just how god awful dirty your teeth really are.

Sometimes it’s better not to look too closely in the mirror.

I won’t *even* share my Amazon recommendations list. My mother reads this blog, fer goodness sakes! I swear I only accidentally clicked on that questionable item ONCE! I swear!

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  • Lucky

    My favorite concert of all time, hands down, was Michael McDonald opening up for Earth Wind and Fire last year at Sandia. I consider myself fairly hip! (My students do not agree. And I just used the word hip to describe myself. Oh, god.)

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oooh! Earth, Wind and Fire. Yes! LOVE them. I imagine in that venue they were amazing!

    And unfortch, in the eyes of a student, teacher is rarely hip.

    If it matters, *I* think you rock, Lucky!

  • Old Bogus

    It gets even weirder if you buy something for your spouse (Mine has asked for something to fill out my Super Saver shipping need.) or as a gift for someone!

  • TGM

    You feel uncool…? Look, my last two concerts were Manzarek/ Krieger (The Doors) and Tom Jones. People who are actually older than my parents. Pretty damn good shows, I have to say.

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