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  • Natalie

    Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Funny to think the capsule was sitting there for four years collecting junk.
    But then… I wondered what they would have buried? A bunch of different junk, I’m guessing.

    Oh, Brother!

  • Lucky

    I love it. I wonder if anyone knows where it is now? Apparently it was filled with some pretty valuable stuff.

    See, this sort of thing just makes me love NM more. It happened, it’s ludicrous, but can anyone be bothered to get all worked up about it? Nope. And why bother? It’s done.

  • Elise

    That made me laugh out loud.

    I originally moved to NM for my ex. He always told me the biggest adjustment I would have would be re: life speed. About a thousand times, he told me, “You are gonna have to learn to Slow The F*ck Down.”

    He was right.

    If he were still alive, I would totally send him that article. :)

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