What is wrong with these people?

You can employ them at a Fortune 500 company, but you can’t make them think.

Found this today in the copy room where I work.

See, what’s happened here is that someone needed to get at some paper, and were foiled by those sturdy yellow bands around the box. I get that. They suck.

And yes, there isn’t a pair of scissors to be found in the area, which has often perplexed me.

Right above those reams of paper, there is a staple puller, which is my usual tool of choice to hack and nip at the confounded yellow band until it comes loose.

But that right there is just the work of savages. I mean it’s like an animal got at it and tore away, struggling for their very life for….a packet of copy paper.

Last time I saw something that brutal was a picnic lunch left in a car in Yellowstone.

I’m all the more ticked because I’m collecting those paper boxes. There is a MASSIVE home clean out and storage project underway, and a sturdy box with a lid is useful. This one is now rendered useless to me. And it is, after all, all about me.

Although, if I step back and take a different perspective, that was sort of an ingenious “I shan’t let you beat me, confounded yellow band” tactic. Sort of raccoonish, really. Tear a hole, reach in and get the goods, slip away unnoticed.

Ok, I’ve gone from thinking this person a buffoon to thinking them a quiet genius.

I can talk myself into or out of just about anything.

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  • Old Bogus

    Spoken like a true Libra or Gemini! Or just a seeker of truth. :)

  • Karen Fayeth

    I’m actually a Taurus, but am married to a Gemini. He must be affecting my outlook.

    Not sure what I think about that…..


  • Natalie

    Here’s a box tip:
    Call or go to your local FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos) and ask them if they have any paper boxes and/or, if they don’t, when do they get their shipments and can you get some of those boxes.

    I give them away constantly.

  • Lucky

    I worked at Staples and delivered newspapers as a kid – you don’t even need scissors for those yellow bands if you’ve got a fingernail you’re willing to risk. There’s a bit where they overlap and you just stick your fingernail under it and pull – it pulls right apart.

    That said – it’s pretty funny the way that box seems gnawed open by a wild animal. Hilarious. But congratulations on having letter size paper. We seem to only be able to order legal. . .

  • Old Bogus

    “He must be affecting my outlook.” Marriage does that!

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