The condition of vacating.

That would be me.

Vacating work.

Just for one day, but still.

“Vacation all I ever wanted, Vacation have to get away….”

Oh the Go-Go’s. So 80’s, yet so applicable today.

Enjoy the holiday! I’ll be back on Monday.

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  • Jeremy from We Took The Bait

    The Go-Go's ARE applicable today… if "applicable" means "really hot."

    I've had a crush on Belinda Carlisle since I was 8 or so… and finally got to see the Go-Go's in concert in 2003.

    Belinda looks better now than she did back in the day.

    Good for her.

    Enjoy your one day vacation! And, Happy Holidays!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Jeremy – Not going to argue with you there….Belinda is hoooot.

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