Oh sure, sure, it’s all “retro” and everything…but it’s not what I recall from MY childhood. Banana flavor seems….wrong….

Twinkies come in banana flavor

“NEW YORK — Twinkie lovers, get ready to go bananas.

Hostess – owned by Kansas City, Mo., company Interstate Bakeries Corp. – began selling the banana-creme snack cakes last week at retail stores nationwide, returning to its 70-year-old roots. From 1930, when the Twinkie was first invented, to the 1940s, Twinkies were filled solely with banana creme. But a banana shortage during WWII forced Hostess to replace it with the vanilla flavor.”

And by the way, may I just say “ew!” Artificial banana flavored ANYTHING makes me gag, and : shudder :

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  • Natalie

    With all those chemicals, I have to wonder if Twinkies might not be the cure for the Plague.

    Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down?

  • Karen Fayeth

    Natalie, you might be on to something!!

    I know my mom must be feeling better. Know what she told me she wanted yesterday? Zingers. Remember those? Like a Twinkie with frosting on top.

    So what did I do? I bought her Zingers. I had one. It was gross. So I had another. :)

  • Anonymous

    someone say Zingers? i like the ones with the raspberry goo on the outside that is then sprinkled with coconut. a friend of mine used to call them furry twinkies. yum!!

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