Time Zone Zombie

I got approximately three hours of restless sleep last night. See, while it was midnight on the right coast of the country, over there on the left coast, it was still early evening. Prime time for me!

So there wasn’t much sleeping. And then there was getting up early to make a 7:00am breakfast-slash-meet-‘n-greet for this meeting. The meetin’ and greetin’ is useful, very useful, but I’m afraid I wasn’t *quite* on my game today. God bless Starbucks for getting me through.

Now I’m sitting in a stuffy hotel conference room, breathing stale air and the odor of drying, toughening “hotel chicken” wafting in from the kitchen.

But hey, a hard day hotel conferencing still beats a good day toiling at my desk at work. And we will actually finish at 5:00pm today. Go figure! I can’t complain…or rather, I can, but I shouldn’t.

I think it will be early to bed tonight. Right around the point I’m used to living la vida Eastern Time Zone, I’ll hop a west-bound plane.

Good times…

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