Time for some honesty, here.

I believe I’ve arrived at the time of my life where I need to be honest with myself, my fans, and my fellow mankind.

Yes, it’s true, I have used. Used a questionable substance. Used it real good.

In my twenties, I was strong. I eschewed this terrible enhancement. I was totally clean, and felt righteous and strong, though brittle. I was able to use the sheer force of my will to avoid using. A moral victory.

In my thirties, it was harder to get there, harder to be as successful, so with the guidance of a certain suspect doctor, I reintroduced this substance into my world, using as often as possible. In public. I didn’t even try to hide it.

I sometimes even used with my best friend. And my own family.

My sister is a known user. We use together. She has even drawn her children into the circle of usage. Those young’uns love the stuff.

My husband uses too.

I know there is a growing sentiment against this substance, but it helped me. Truly. Got me past the difficult times. Gave me a sense of peace when it seemed the whole world was upside down. Helped me be grounded. Right next to a stack of pancakes.

Maybe I was just young. Naive. Didn’t know better. Listening to bad guidance. Following the crowd. Trying to be one of the team. Just working to be popular.

I did it for the fans.

Yes, I’m a user. I own it. It makes me a better person.

I still use. You people can’t stop me.

That’s how you own it, ARod, you lying sack of ____.

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