The Weekend – In Visuals

My weekend, told in a few words with iPhone photos to illustrate.

On Friday, The Good Man and I did an early dash away from work and drove up to Napa.

We checked into our B&B and went outside to sit on their peaceful back patio to decompress after a crazy week. And to partake of the B&B’s delicious French press coffee.

Only, we weren’t alone.

This creature doesn’t belong to the B&B. No one is really sure where it came from. Creepy Stalker Chicken seemed to think we were going to feed her. She was especially targeted The Good Man who is used to being shaken down for kibble by The Feline. Apparently we were unable to escape hungry domesticated animals for the weekend.

Which kind of made us hungry. After a fantastic (non-poultry) dinner and a good night’s sleep, we headed out the next day to do what it is most people do while visiting Napa.

A lot.

Oh, and at one winery, we still weren’t alone.

Apparently Creepy Stalker Chickens were the weekend theme. This one was wearing chicken pants.

But no matter. There was still this…

And then more

And a WHOLE lot more

“Heeeeeey, schhhicken, scccchhhhicken, ssssssshicken…”

Then on Saturday night, we headed out to take in some live music at The Uptown Theater. An acoustic Roseanne Cash show (with Shawn Mullins as the opening act).

It was *awesome*.

We slept good that night. Had a kick butt breakfast.

Then sadly it was Sunday and time to head back home.

With a whoooole lotta wine in the trunk of the car.

It’s medicinal. Really.

All photos Copyright 2010 or 2012, Karen Fayeth, and subject to the Creative Commons license in the far right column of this page. All taken with an iPhone 4s and the Camera+ up, except for the Golden Gate Bridge photo which was taken with the QuadCamera app.

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  • Frank Conway

    Another treatment of the same bridge. Very interesting. I like those.

    It does something to the narrative, too, using it like that. Not like a beginning and end but a passage or passageway.

    Those are good chicken pictures, too. Glimpse Into The Soul Of Two Chickens.

    I especially like the first one because of how it’s framed. It’s not easy to do it like that.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Frank – I am the Chicken Whisperer. Chicken Wrangler? Chicken Photographer to the Stars?

      Anne Geddes has her influences, I have mine. My coffee table book is in the works. I’m two photos in.

  • Natalie

    Chickens n grapes. Better’n chicken n waffles.
    Napa has changed so much since I lived there. I do hear the Buttercream Cafe’ is still there, though. Right next to Napa High School… I used to cut class to eat breakfast there.
    I cannot tell you how jealous I am that you got to see Roseanne Cash in Napa. And with Mr. L, too! I asked her if she’s coming to NM this year and, well, no, she’s not. Buuuuuuummmmmerrrrrrr.
    French Press. Still my only coffee mode. I’m spoiled and oh-too-willing to put on the tea pot for my press. Tiring though that is… best danged coffee in the woild!
    If and when I come out to California, you and I are meeting in Napa. It’s only right. ‘Cause, you know, it’s all medicinal.

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