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Recently a long time reader of this blog added a comment to one of my posts about being in London.

It went something like this, “Awhile back you were whining because you don’t get paid to play golf. Would it help if we all let you know how much we envy you?”

I know when I’m being gigged between the ribs, and I didn’t take it bad. In fact I dug the comment because it not only made me smile but also think a bit.

There have been a couple other much less nice notes sent my way via email that implied that I’m bragging too much on my blog.

Here’s the thing, in my mind, I’m still this girl.

In cuts offs and a tshirt, leaning against a chicken coop in Logan, New Mexico. Brown from the New Mexico sun and days spent swimming in Ute Lake.

I can guarantee you the little girl in that photo never thought for a million years she’d ever leave New Mexico, much less visit Singapore, Costa Rica and London. Or attend a US Open Golf Tournament. Or meet the legendary Willie McCovey.

Ya gotta know, when I pipe up here and talk about what I’m doing, it’s because I’m still genuinely in shock and awe that I’m doing it.

This throwaway comment on Facebook about sums it up:

That was the most genuine and true sentiment I had in that moment. I was so in awe at the fulfillment of a dream that I was rendered mostly speechless. Not many words were needed to convey the truth of it all.

Maybe I do brag to much and I’m just too insecure to write it in a more humble way. But to be honest, I’m pretty freaking proud.

This past year has been nothing short of epic for me.

That the little girl at Ute Lake and this little girl in London ARE THE SAME GIRL boggles my tiny mind, still.

Of course, I’m also this girl. But then I’ve always been like that.

To sum it all up, if you think I’m bragging too much on my blog, you are probably right. I should warn you it ain’t a’gonna stop anytime soon, either.

And so that means it’s truly time to say:

Thanks for dropping by today, dear reader. For putting up with my random thoughts, disjointed posts and all around bad behavior. I owe you a deep debt of gratitude for reading my words.

I sure am having fun on this blog. It’s a party in 1,476 posts and 469,239 words!

Ute Lake photo from my family’s collection, Copyright Karen Fayeth. No use or reproduction without prior written consent. Taken with a Kodak Instamatic and no need for the flip-flash.

Photo from London’s Tower Bridge is Copyright 2012, Karen Fayeth, and subject to the Creative Commons license on the right column of this page. Taken with an iPhone 4s and the Camera+ app.

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  • Anji

    I always find your posts interesting. How these strange people from across the pond see little old Europe – I never thought of it as bragging.

    …perhaps it’s because I have a similar picture of myself hanging out on the farm. One day I’ll be pinching myself in L.A. or New York or Boston (sigh)

    • Karen Fayeth

      Anji – Thanks for your comment. I’d love to hear how you see the U.S. We’re quite a strange (but fun) place indeed!

  • Jamie Dedes

    Ah well, some of us are grateful that you have these opportunities.

    Laisser les bons temps rouler …Maybe the next one will be New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Now that would be fun. I hear it’s going to be Georgia, though . . . A stop in Atlanta at Aunt Pitty Pat’s Porch for Scarlett’s Passion and Rhett’s mixed grill? Okay just dreaming.

    Don’t stop being you.

  • Scott

    That picture of you by the cabin summons up more thoughts…”a million words…” I won’t even try to describe but thanks very much for sharing.

    Somehow your trips around the globe have not had much impact on me beyond the simple realization of the potentials of old…in our minds, as kids, we were always flying a few feet off the ground, now we actually get to do it for real, but was the one any more or less sweet than the other, in retrospect? That you continue to be “you” despite all the things you’ve experienced is one of the chief delights of knowing you all these years. :)

  • Frank Conway

    The person who made that comment should be banned. Actually, my lack of writing ability made it come across as a jab in the ribs. I was going for that overstated hyperbole thing. Sorry.

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