Some stuff can’t be made up.

Observed today in my work’s cafeteria:

Arrogant mid-level exec guy says to one of the cafeteria employees, “Would you help me, I have special request.”

“Sure,” she answered brightly. Poor poppet, she thought he’d have a rational request.

Seems he “needed” a dry cappuccino. And there is only ONE person employed by our cafeteria who makes it correctly (to his rarified tastes, I’m sure).

The ONE person just happened to be the same woman who was running the cash register.

At lunch rush.

A scramble ensued to swap out the person at the register, while the woman shook her head, decided this wasn’t a battle worth fighting, and went off to make a dry cappuccino.

While about fifteen of us stood there waiting.

Sort of an add-on to the post entitled “Is it the air up there?.”


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  • -s

    Nothing wrong with loving your animals “too much” or being “too attached” to them.
    I don’t know what I’d do without Lulu and Mojo…

    Amazing though about the whole shark thing.

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