I was so impressed by a Hipstaphoto I saw in December where a photographer had used an Olloclip to capture a snowflake, that I just had to go out and purchase one of my very own.

After the Christmas holidays, they were on major backorder, so I wasn’t expecting my new iPhoneography device until February.

I did a little hop click of my heels when it arrived this week.


Between moving and the deluge of new projects at work, I haven’t had a bunch of time to play with the glass lenses and ingenious clip for my iPhone.

Yesterday, I sat in the work cafeteria slumped in my chair trying to get in some nutrition, and my eyes landed on this tableau:

Well, the light was nice and the shakers were interesting. So I decided no time like the present.

I dug the Olloclip out of my pocket, slid it on the iPhone, and took some quick snaps.

These aren’t well composed and in some cases, focus is a little wonky.

And yet, I’m deeply impressed.

These three shots were all using the macro lens:

Red pepper flakes. They almost look like jerky. The light streaks are from the sun bouncing off the ridges in the shaker

Pepper that looks like grains of sand.

Take this photo with a grain of salt

So far, I’m digging the Olloclip. I still have to try out the fish eye (though I’m not really a fan of fish eye lenses) and the wide angle. Honestly, I bought the Olloclip for the macro lens, so I expect the other lenses won’t see as much use.

I think the quality of the Olloclip is a bit better than the Macro Cell Lens Band (reviewed here) mainly because it’s made of actual glass and not plastic, but I find the lens band more portable.

Either way, they make delicious looking macro photos. Time to explore!

Happy Friday ya’ll.

It should be noted that I paid for the Olloclip myself and that this review was not solicited, nor was I compensated. I’m just a giddy fangirl and proud of it.

All photos Copyright 2011, Karen Fayeth and subject to the Creative Commons license found on the far right column of this page.

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  • NewMexiKen

    You sold me. Do you have a recommendation for a telephoto for the 4S?

  • Beth

    I’ll never look at red pepper flakes the same way. Who knew they looked like that? Very cool photos, Karen!

  • Frank Conway

    Very interesting. I see better photos being taken with cell phones than I can do with my several years old Canon 10 megapixel camera. But tell me, can your fancy shmancy iPhone make a fake shutter sound?

    Maybe you saw these stories about Etta, but I was looking to see if SF Bayview (one of my favorite papers) had anyone down at the Occupy Oakland protests today (they didn’t, so all I know so far is what the AP and Chronicle say happened) and found a couple stories about Etta’s passing, with tidbits like Etta threatening to kick Beyonce’s ass for singing her signature song. But some interesting background, the world she inhabited and so forth, you wouldn’t really expect a more mainstream, i.e. “White” media, to know about.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Frank – As a matter of fact, the iPhone *does* have a fake shutter sound. But I have it turned off. Stealth mode and all that….;)

      Thanks for the tip on the Etta tributes!

  • Anji

    It’s interesting to see how beautiful familiar items can be. They really are interesting pics

  • Frank Conway

    You’re welcome, Karen.

    By the way, what went down at the Occupy protests that day did in fact bear little resemblance to what you were hearing on the news. The Bay Guardian finally had something on it and the Indymedia group out there has, too. Flashpoints (KPFA) had people there, and during their next day’s show talked to many witnesses. Protesters were attacked in waves by police who had truncheons swinging as they ran toward the marchers. Lots of tear gas and flash grenades. Police have been using a new technique. When someone goes down, and people rush to assist them, that’s where the police fire the tear gas canisters and explosives. That’s how that young Iraq War vet Scott Olsen received brain damage a few weeks ago in Oakland. The cops also “corral” people with plastic fencing and then tear gas them. They were doing that that night,and also trapped a few hundred people in a dead end alley near the YMCA, ordered them to disperse, then tear gassed them and arrested them for not dispersing. As for the damage to city hall, etc., I’d not be surprised if that was undercover cops. The use of agents provocateurs is widespread against protests by the Left in the US. (Tea baggers, people who harass women trying to get abortions, people who murder abortion providers, are left alone by the police). By Oakland police it’s well documented. Here’s a short video about it by Copwatch that even the Daily Kos picked up on.

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