San Francisco Giants!

With a win over Atlanta, my boys are headed to the National League Championship Series! They don’t win pretty, but they manage to win.

Hand me a glass of champagne and two Prilosec! My tummy isn’t ready to face Philly!

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  • Brandon Tschannen

    The Giants have come a long way. I never would of guessed they would be in the NLCS this year! Congrats Giants!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Brandon – Oh man, just making it to the post season was a gift this year. Making it to the NLCS?


    Hard to believe, but happy to be here!

  • Jeremy from We Took The Bait

    Phillies fan here.

    Who would have thought that the NLCS MVP could possibly be Cody Ross?

    Lincecum? Sure.

    Freddy Sanchez… why not?

    Cody Ross? Really?

    The series isn't over yet, but if Chase Utley and Ibanez continue hitting under .200, it may all end tonight.

    Either way, congrats on a fine season.

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  • Karen Fayeth

    Jeremy – Hey! Good to see you here. Thanks for the comment.

    This has certainly been one heck of a series. You really nailed it, so many surprises so far.

    So tell me why Charlie M put in Oswalt last night? Was curious about not using the bullpen?

    I was surprised that Lidge didn't come in. Likely Lidge would have shut down Giants hitting.

    By the way…Ryan Howard is still the scariest damn hitter. And Rollins. And Polanco. And…. The Phils have one of those lineups where there is no relaxing. Every single guy can just crush the ball.

  • Karen Fayeth

    San Francisco Giants Tickets – Thanks ever so much for spamming my blog.

  • Jeremy from We Took The Bait

    Hey, Karen!

    Sorry it took a while to respond.

    I actually found your site through "" this morning, and I had to wait until your blog came up at random again. It just did!

    I work a late shift on the East Coast, so I could only catch the first half of the game on ESPN's game tracker.

    I think my bigger question was: why was Joe Blanton taken out after throwing less than five innings, and at a pitch count right around 60? I'd have kept him in there a bit longer.

    Hindsight, though. And armchair managing.

    Series back in Philly tomorrow night. Should be a great game. Hopefully (well, for me), Oswalt picks up where he left off in game 2… not in game 4…

    Otherwise, the Giants'll light him up like a Christmas tree… with Cody Ross batting in another 5 runs.

    Should be a good weekend series.

    Good luck to the Giants!

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