Quiet, Yet Loud

I love photography and learning about light. I dig finding ways to take something commonplace and make it look extraordinary.

Then sometimes, you just gotta let the subject do the talking.

This photo was posted on Facebook by the amazing San Francisco bluesman, Ron Hacker. He captioned the photo by saying, “This slide has been in my pocket since 1971.”

I know that slide. I’ve seen that slide a lot. This photo is like seeing an old friend, though I’m used to seeing it on Ron’s left hand while he makes some of the most stunning sounds come out of that beat up ol’ National steel guitar he plays.

The tone is gritty. The tone is warm. The tone surrounds your entire being and shakes you up and sets you back down and makes you wonder if any moment of your life prior to hearing Hacker play ever really mattered.

Then he sings in that rough voice and you die and come back to life and like a born again, you shout hallelujah while your body moves on its own and your soul is altered for the better. Life suddenly has meaning and no meaning at all.

That’s what that well worn, well used slide does to me.

Beautiful photo by my favorite blues musician.

Photo: Copyright 2011, Ron Hacker

If you love the blues and you need to get healed, visit Ron’s website and click play on that video.

Then you’ll know what it’s like inside The Saloon, San Francisco’s oldest bar and an astounding place for live blues. That video will help you discover just a taste of the power behind that shiny metal slide.

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