Quality Control

You might recall a few months back (July, actually) I posted a story about San Francisco’s celebration for a glass.

A perfect, petite glass, just ripe to be filled to the rim with Irish coffee.

This past weekend, The Good Man and I had much to celebrate, so we spent the weekend rabble rousing from one end of the beautiful City of San Francisco to the other.

It was a magical weekend.

After consuming an insane amount of food at Tadich Grill, a venerable old place dating back to 1849, we set out on the quite stormy Saturday night and ultimately found ourselves at the Buena Vista down on the Wharf.

The Buena Vista is one of my most favorite places in the City. Especially on a cold, rainy night.

I was there in an official capacity, of course. It was necessary to investigate this whole glass issue for myself.

You know, in the interest of quality control and all that.

After the first Irish Coffee, I was intrigued.

After the second Irish Coffee, I was quite contemplative.

After the third Irish Coffee, I was…wait…what were we talking about…..?

*hic* Yes, I found the glasses at the BV to be of fine quality and most upstanding in their capacity to serve a nice warm beverage.

Or something.

I slept rather well that night, too……

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Photos taken with my iPhone4 and the Hipstamatic app.

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  • Kath Lockett

    THREE Irish coffees…?? You’d (OK, *I’d*) be drunk, but then also be awake all night to suffer the hangover before the morning sun had risen :)

    • Karen Fayeth

      Kath – Yes, three. The good news is that it was still fairly early in the evening…and there was some walking to be done after the Irish Coffees (to get to public transit to take my sloppy self back to the hotel).

      Not sayin’ I was walkin’ in a straight line or anything.

      I was able to sober up before going to bed which makes a HUGE difference in the caliber of hangover (not sayin’ I wasn’t hungover….)

  • Anji

    I do appreciate your sacrifice. One day, when I visit San Fransisco, at least I’ll know exactly where to go for Irish coffee

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