Oh Fair New Mexico, how great thou art. Once again my home state is contributing to not only the economy of the world, but to our overall wellbeing.

Those hard working researchers at University of New Mexico have been selflessly spending hours upon grueling hours in strip clubs conducting an in depth and meaningful analysis. The purpose of all this hard work is to determine at which point in a woman’s monthly cycle does she earn the most money (in the form of tips).

That’s right, ladies! Turn on the charm when you are ovulating and you too can rake in the cash! But look out when Aunt Flo is about…you’ll not be making the dough. Oh, also, if you are on the pill, apparently you send out an “early pregnancy” vibe (cuz the pill tricks your body) and the boys won’t throw as much cash your way.

“Miller suggests scheduling more shifts for the phase right before ovulation: ‘It might help to know about this so that you can exploit these effects.'”

Now THIS is science!

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