Oh The Indignity!

Do you know what I had to do today?

It’s….it’s…a shock!

I had to SCRAPE ice off of my windshield so I could drive my car to work.

I know! Startling!

Back when I lived at a mile high, it was pretty standard stuff to walk to my car and have to deal with all that the frost laying on the windscreen (<- that's for my UK readers). I remember it well. Oh those were the days....I'd fire up the engine, get the defroster blowing some heat then I'd take a firm hold of my deluxe long handled easy-to-use ice scraper. While shivering in my long coat, work clothes and nice shoes, I'd scrape that bad boy squeaky clean. I was rather proud of my ice scraping capabilities back then. Heck, I don't even own an ice scraper anymore. I think I held on to that deluxe ice scraper for about two years after moving here to so-called sunny California. I remember cleaning out the Jeep and lobbing my scraper into the trash with a satisfied "I live in California now, dammit" smile. Let me just say this....an ice scraper doesn't help much with the fog. I simply traded one road hazard for another, really. So this morning, my lack of ice scraper ownage was never more apparent. I looked at the thin but sturdy layer of frost, and sighed. It was time to make do, and my library card was placed into service. Maybe later today I should go to my local library and check out "Call of the Wild” just to remind myself about what being really cold is all about.

(Thank you Albuquerque Public Schools for making me read Jack London so I can reference it now…. From great literature to a blathering blog post in three easy steps.)

There I was, shivering in no coat and my work clothes with nice shoes cursing and fuming as I scrape, scrape, scraped the frost. My old skills came in handy as I quickly knocked down the road hazard and got on my way.

What a way to start my Monday.

Can I get a pobre cita?

No? Fine. I’ll be a grownup today. But I’m not going to like it!

It appears that I’m derivative of myself. It was a year ago that I discussed this same topic. Only back on that day, I was in the haughty position of having parked my car in the garage. No such luck today, The Good Man got the good spot. *sigh* Love AND marriage.

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  • Alan

    I hate scraping my windshield. I have no garage, so it’s a daily ritual in January.

    Similar to you, when I lived in Arizona, I don’t think I scraped my windows once. I think I eventually tossed my scraper or gave it to Utah relatives – I don’t even remember.

    Can’t wait for spring!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Alan – Thank you feeling my pain. Scraping every day for you? Gah. Man oh man I hate scraping ice.

    I’m with you on the can’t wait for spring sentiment. Bring on the sun!

  • Ephraim F. Moya


    Pobrecita! Y pobrecito yo.

    It’s 9 deg here (Albuquerque) this morning. It’s MUCH warmer in Southern California. I wish I were home.


  • Karen Fayeth

    Ephraim – Nine!?! Nine degrees!?!?

    In my opinion, temperatures should not be reported in single digits. Yikes that’s cold!!

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