Oh so much happier!

Ok, confessional time. Yes, I’m owning it here, publicly, on my blog.

Here we go

Due to the immense amount of food they provide here at my job, cookies, cakes, lots of candy, full lunches, parties, celebrations, the whole nine yards….

I *might* have maybe, sort of, kind of….gained some weight.

I know. *gasp*

Not a lot. But enough to make most of the clothes in my closet feel tight.

So, I do that thing that women do, “Oh, I’ll lose this. I don’t need to buy new clothes! I’d just buy them and have to give them away, what a waste of money!”

What do I do? I wear the few items that fit over and over. And wear the tight things and sit at my desk with a wince as I get marks on my body from the clothes.

So, I just…I don’t know…gave up. I started dressing like crap. If you know me, you know clothes and style matter to me. So this is REALLY giving up.

I’m not proud of it.

Well, as fate will do, I had a *very* important meeting today, one where I needed to be on my game. And I needed to dress in a businesslike way.

In preparation, I tried on all my current dress pants. Yeah. No luck. Ok, I could get them on and zipped, but they were tight and immediately began pressing into my waist.

This isn’t humorous.

With fear in my heart, a couple days ago, I took to the mall, shopping discount outlets looking for *something* I could make work. Something I could wear and look professional and still be comfortable.

Guys, you have to know. To a woman…shopping for pants is the seventh level of hell. I don’t know why, it just is. Only slightly more appealing than shopping for a swimsuit.

The mall I visited is all broke down and busted (like many malls are these days) and it was a very hot day in the Bay Area. The entire mall had NO air conditioning, so shopping for pants (ugh!) with a sheen of sweat on your brow is not amusing. May I reiterate: NOT!

And being the cheap ass that I am, I wanted something at a low cost.

So. I found a couple things. The quality was only so-so. I wasn’t overjoyed with the items, but ok. I’d have something to wear.

I was depressed.

Then, yesterday I had an inspired idea. There is a store I used to shop at quite a bit, but then drifted away from. Their stuff is good, stylish, but often a little pricey. Their last couple of lines were not attractive at all, so I had moved on.

But I remembered that they usually stock a good range of sizes.

Yesterday after work, I went to this store. And I almost cried. In addition to air conditioning, they had gotten in all their new Fall line and much of it was TOTALLY my style. And sizes! Oh the size choices. I tried on some stuff that was too big! Some too small, but they had the next size.

And their prices were not that bad, actually. Reasonable. They’ve clearly made a shift to help with the economy.

So I stocked UP. I mean, I went a little nuts. I bought good quality clothes that fit and make me feel *good*. I bought a whole new wardrobe!

I walked out smiling. Today I’m wearing one of the new outfits and I am walking so much taller. My pants fit! They don’t bind. My waistline has been spared for the day. My whole outlook has vastly improved.

Ladies! Don’t give in to stuff that cuts and binds! Wear clothes that fit and feel good!

(and yes, I’m cutting back on the feed rations and exercising. Lifelong battle.)

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  • Elise

    WHAT STORE?!?!?

    I have no clothes. Especially since I haven't been working. I wear the same three things over and over and I look like hell and feel even worse. Please share what store.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Well…just to be fair, it's a store for plus sized ladies. I'm back into their sizes…*sigh*

    The store is called Avenue.

    They probably have one in San Diego. And they have a good online shop too!

  • Lucky

    Wow – I shop for the plus sized ladies, and I have gotten to the point where I'm just ordering everything from online stores (to get the stuff the stores won't put out on the floor). I gave up on Avenue and Lane Bryant because I swear they carry NOTHING but brightly printed mumus. As if we need to be seen from space. Maybe I should give Avenue another look, though.

    That said, I understand completely. School started today and I got new school clothes, as if I were 9, and I felt so fabulous and confident!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky, I hear ya.

    With Avenue, you have to look beyond the garish stuff. They do have that "can be seen from space" stuff, but if you dig in there, go past the front racks, you can find some great work stuff.

    I *love* their jeans.

    Among other things….

    I scored this in berry

    This, in black (wore it today with black slacks)

    And these in cocoa

  • Elise

    That pintuck top is SO cute.

    I wonder if there's a store near me? I'll have to check.

  • Lucky

    Okay, those are exactly the sorts of things I would wear to work. I'm going!

  • Elise

    The pintuck top was too soft for me–I need a fabric with a little more body to feel comfy–but I bought the stripey shirt in both blue stripes.

    I can't wait until their sweaters come in.

    Thank you so much for this recommendation!

    Now if I could just find someplace to buy jeans.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Elise – did the jeans at Avenue not work out? Because I LOVE their Denin Lite bootcut jeans. A little stretch, lightweight, comfy. Been wearing them for years and just bought a new pair on the last trip.

  • Elise

    They don't carry my size bottoms. :(

    I'm a size 10-12 and I need a 36" inseam (I'm only 5'8"-5'9" but I'm not very proportional), which is taller than most stores' "tall."

    I was always super thin, but I've gained a lot of weight since I've been sick. The silver lining there is that it is easier to find a 36" inseam in a size 10-12 than it is in a size 2-4! It used to be next to impossible to find pants that fit.

    JCPenney actually carries an ultra-tall (online only) in one brand that has 38" inseams. When they actually have them, I buy them (they're often out of stock for long periods of time), because they mean I can wear heels with jeans!

    And yeah, I need to cut back on the rations, too. Hopefully, when I'm healthier, I can be active again, too.

    For now, I just want to be comfy and look presentable at the same time.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ah, gotcha. Glad you were able to find some tops. I totally agree with being comfy but looking good too.

    I went through my closet today and took out everything that doesn't fit anymore. I was depressed looking in there and seeing everything that I couldn't wear.

    It feels much happier in there now. And a woman with happy closet is a happy woman.

    Now…let's talk shoes. I just did a round on Zappos. A friend turned me on to them. She will buy six or eight pairs at once and since they have free shipping on returns and you print out a shipping label at home, it's all very easy.

    I bought five pairs and sent back three. I'm sort of kind of all in love with Zappos now. This could get dangerous.

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