Oh Geez

The Feline has been named “Pet of the Month” by our vet.

Oh the fame. The demands. The rider clause to be added on to her appearance contract.

“One (1) big clear glass bowl of kibble. All the irregular shapes ones picked out. One (1) bottle Evian. Room temperature.”

She’ll go from merely a pain in the patooty to insufferable.

Diva Feline.

I’ll do a tell all with the tabloids about her addiction to batting at the venetian blinds and that time I found her in a “compromising position” in the laundry basket.

I’ll have to teach her how to get out of a limo correctly, tail down, so we don’t have a little “Britney incident” on our hands.

Upshot is maybe all the media pressure will encourage her to drop those extra lingering four pounds she fights.

Do I need to find a celebrity trainer to take her on?


Hope we get a reality show out of this.

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