Not sharp enough to know I was supposed to be humiliated

Ok, so I thought this was an odd title for an online article:

“How not to feel humiliated when dining alone”

Um. Why would I? I rather enjoy eating out alone.

Given the photo of the sad lonely brunette (she HAD to be a brunette, right?) that accompanies the article, I think reading between the lines, the title of the article is more like:

“You sad lonely dried up old maid. How terrible that you have to eat alone.”

Because *clearly* the target audience for this story isn’t guys. I don’t know that most guys would feel humiliated dining alone. They’d pull up a chair to the bar, order a beer and dive in. Isn’t all this fuss and kerfuffle a girl thing?

The story goes on to offer several suggestions for how that lonely gal can make it through such a harrowing experience as having to dine alone like reading a book or staring into her mobile device.

Please. Eating out alone is great. You don’t have to share your dessert, you can drink too many glasses of wine if you want, and you can burp at the table. What’s not to love about this experience?

And oh the people watching. So much to take in!

Plus, plenty of couples look miserable dining together. But they are not “humiliated” because they are not alone, so it’s ok? Bah!

I guess I sort of thought we were past the days when someone eating alone in a restaurant was a weird thing. So many people travel for business or just choose to spend time alone. In my book this is no longer odd.

And the conventional wisdom used to be that as a solo diner the wait staff wouldn’t serve you as well (one person means smaller tab means smaller tip) but I have found the opposite to be true. I think wait staff rather enjoy the ease of just one person at the table. No question where the entrĂ©e goes!

I’ve not ever felt slighted or mistreated when dining alone. It works just fine.

Sure, I’d rather have The Good Man there because, mainly, he makes any thing I do a lot more fun (he could make going to the dentist for a root canal a worthwhile adventure!). But if I’m away from him and I’m hungry, well, a girl’s gotta eat!

Honestly most of my girlfriends are the same way. Eating alone in a restaurant is no biggie.

Most girls half my age are twice as bold as me, so I don’t think they have issues either.

Who is this story really aimed at? As I read the comments, most of the ladies chiming in seem to agree with my point of view on this.

And seems most agree that the title of the article is just plain terrible.

I guess my message to the author is to simply quote the comment left by a reader named Melissa:

“Thanks for bashing my confidence in eating alone. I guess now when I take myself out to lunch to be awesome I have to feel HUMILIATED instead.”

So there!

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  • Beth

    Add me to the list. I'm another brunette who loves eating out by myself. I never knew until a couple of years ago that I was "supposed" to be embarrassed/miserable/whatever about it.

    Beth in Taos

  • Elise

    That article is ridiculous. I've never had a problem eating alone.

    I used to have to travel for work all the time–and ate alone about 50% of the time.

    I'm thinking the person who is "humiliated" over simply having a meal alone is taking insecurity to a new level.

  • John

    Good grief! I had no idea I was supposed to be humiliated when dining alone, I'll get right on that. Not!

    Just an example of how shallow "news" has become. I mean honestly, who writes this crap?

    Having said that, it does make me wonder, for those people who do feel humiliated, what the ratio of men to women is.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Beth – brunette power!! Thank you!!

    Elise – Yeah, the whole article kind of dripped with the low self-esteem of the writer. Ah well….

    John – thank for the man's take! I am also wondering the male/female ratio on feeling weirded out by eating alone. Many of my female friends have chimed in on this article. It may be the company I keep, but none so far said they would have a problem eating alone. Hmm….

  • rws

    the premise of that article is so laughable that i have trouble believing the writer believes it — it feels more like a cranked-out bit of hackery than anything else.

    and speaking as a rep of the male gender, in general i'd rather get a nice table than a seat at the bar. elbow room, a little peace and quiet. and much more condusive to people-watching.

  • Karen Fayeth

    RWS – I believe you said it best, the article is a "cranked out bit of hackery". Well done!

    Also, thanks for the chime in from the male side of the equation.

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