Nom de Bebida

Or, what’s in a name?

I have a friend at work. She and I share the same first name. So imagine my surprise when one day sitting across the table from her, I noticed her Starbucks cup had the name “Lucy” scrawled across the side.

I asked why. She said that Lucy is easy to spell so it ensures quickness at the register. Plus, she isn’t always comfortable with her real name being shouted out across a busy work morning crowd. As a single gal, she’s safety minded, and I respect that.

I liked the idea and being all incognito appealed to me. And since she and I share “Karen Power” I decided to adopt Lucy as my Nom de Bebida as well. Every time I’m asked for my name, I feel like a super undercover agent giving my false name. I’m SO stealth.

I’ve used it so much, that when The Cute Boy™ and I go for coffee, he’ll tell them my name is Lucy. I’ve only been “busted” once when I didn’t have enough cash and handed over my credit card right as I was being asked for my name. I said Lucy just as he looked at my card, and then looked at me like I’d gong luh-luh in the head.

So this morning, I went into my favorite coffee establishment. I guess I’ve been hitting the coffee a bit hard lately, because the barista recognized me and said “Good morning, Lucy!”

I smiled and gave a hearty “Good Morning” in return. All these people think my name is Lucy. Why does that give me a secret thrill?

I wonder if a lot of people have a Nom de Bebida? I wonder if I know anyone who is a barista that I could ask?

Happy Friday to all my incognito friends…Long live the secret coffee schlurper!

Photo by Karen Fayeth

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  • Natalie

    Hahahahah…ha! This happens all the time. And, you should hear what the baristas call the customers. Ah… yes; what’s in a name?
    Well, some folks are just this simple: “Venti Americano w/room.” Some are called by their real names. The most interesting ones are those with secret agent names. I am, of course, secret agent 39.
    Here’s a really cool thing, Lucy (giggling): now you can purchase a customized Starbucks card and you can put your name, your drink, your cat, your secret agent name, just about anything on it. I don’t think you can put your website on it and that’s a point being debated right now over at
    So, you could be Lucy, Secret Agent (name yer number), are simply, Karen/Triple, N/F, no whip, white chocolate mocha.

    This barista has had to memorize hundreds of names, drinks, modifiers, and quirks. So… if you want to simplify things, more power to ya, sistah!

    Hey! The comment box has changed! Now I can only be a blogger person, anonymous, or use my “nickname” (without my wordpress blog addy).
    Does this have anything to do with this blog post? lol Ironic, dontcha think?

  • Elise

    My Nom de Bebida is Stephanie. It has been for decades. My best friend's is Judi.

    I think most women have a Nom de Bebida. And if they don't, they should!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Wow! I didn't know that was a common thing. I'm so behind the times. My friend at work had to tip me off!

    Stephanie is a good one. Judi too.

    I liked Lucy because it's ostensibly easy to spell..tho it gets misspelled too.

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