New Mexifail!

Whoooo! Some homestate love once more on the Failblog!

Oh Fair New Mexico!!!

Wait. That’s not the shape of New Mexico.


I know, I know…the *name* of the company is New Mexico Soap. But…it’s still confusing.

Maybe the label could be…”State Shaped Soap, brought to you by New Mexico Soap” or something similar to avoid the perils of the Failblog?

For the record, the people at New Mexico Soap also carry this little product:

There ya go! That’s the right shape! They left off that little jut up near Oklahoma, but that’s ok.

I’m sure the people who live up in the jut (uh, that would be round about Clayton, NM) don’t mind being left off the soap. Much.

By the by, this is not the only New Mexico fail on the failblog. Here’s the one I posted back in October.

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  • Elise

    Hey, look, it's NewTEXico!

    All your state belong to us. Schnort.

  • Natalie

    They could have just filled in that little "jut' on the left side of Texas 'cause, well, isn't east NM just all one Texas blur, anyway?

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oooooh, Elise. Them's fighting words!

    lol! Damn Texans!

    I guess we can settle on the fact that we are both Californian's now!!


    Double schnort!!!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ooooh Natalie! No you di'int!

    Oh yes you diiiiid!


  • Anonymous

    From my junior high school days:

    You know how to get to Texas?

    Go West till you smell it. Turn South until you fall in it.


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