Music, sweet music, to my ears

“The green chile harvest should begin in earnest in the next two to three weeks, said Stephanie Walker, extension vegetable specialist at New Mexico State University.”

“As long as the weather keeps cooperating, we’re going to have an excellent, excellent crop.”

Oh yes.


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  • Anonymous

    Bet you do not have the aroma of green chile roasting there? It will soon be her.

    Igor Stone

  • Karen Fayeth

    Nope, we do not get that aroma here. *sigh*

    Talked with my friend last night and she's slipping a pack of chile into her carryon bag.

    Soon, there will be rellenos in my house. And that is a very, very good thing….

  • Elise

    Extension Vegetable Specialist???

    That is just about the best title EVER.

  • Karen Fayeth

    That Stephanie Walker chick gets around. She was also the judge of the NM version of "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"

    In that article she's referred to as a "Chile Specialist"


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